AppsJack does its best work with clients who:

  • ARE businesses located in the Seattle area.
  • WANT more out of technology and their people
  • ARE falling behind in their use of technology or feel like they aren't keeping up with their competition
  • HAVE messy or unclear, unmanaged operations, are not very digital, are overly reliant on individuals for heroic feats,
  • LACK insight into their operations, are not adequately tracking and capitalizing on opportunities inside and outside the firm
  • SUFFER FROM some degree of chaos or feel like they are dealing with the same old issues and problems (Groundhog's day) repeatedly.
Is this you?

How AppsJack Does It

AppsJack's secret formula for success is ABC.  What is ABC and how does it work for our clients and their businesses?

Apps, Areas, Accounts, Assets and Abilities.
Get focused on the thing to be improved.
Business Intelligence.
Data, visual analytics, analytics platforms to clearly see and understand trends and situations.

Controls, Compliance, Continuous Improvement, Consulting, Coaching.
Help, guidance, leadership and facilitation needed to keep things on track and accelerating at the right pace.

Contact AppsJack today to get to know your ABCs.