The AppsJack IRL (in real life) is an open group founded in 2013 by Eric Veal. The first attendee was Eric's friend and business associate John Sherwin.  Since that time the group has met monthly and seen hundreds come through the doors. 

The group has a couple of components:

1.  Monthly Dinner in Bellevue and chat group in person.    Stimulating conversation around interesting topics.  An end in itself, but if participants have additional contact and business results – let a thousand (forty or fifty anyway) flowers bloom.

2.  Online Group An overlapping (because of like-mindedness and the anticipation that some will participate in both) online group on Slack's messaging system the aim of which is to foster additional synergy among small businesses and consultants for business purposes while practice values of Openness, Service, Respect, Ideation and Humility.  Our purpose is to share, ask and answer questions that help individuals gain confidence, contacts, flourish and succeed in their business lives.

See our Meetup page for more information.

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