AppsJack Business Services LLC was founded in 2007.  AppsJack's mission is help entrepreneurs succeed through connections to supporting resources and technologies.

About Eric Veal

Eric Veal (founder of CollegeUnderground, a Facebook predecessor in 1999 to 2001, EfficiTrends, AppsJack and Pinion Vote) is an enterprise technology management consultant, web, data, analytics and mobile technologist in Washington State. Eric graduated from University of Washington Foster School of Business with dual master’s degrees in Information Systems and Business Administration. He was also trained by Project Management Institute (Project Management Professional) and Siemens Corporation (Six Sigma Black Belt in statistical process improvement).

After Eric's startup experience with CollegeUnderground, he joined Siemens Corporation (500K employees in 190 countries) as Intranet Developer. He spent six years integrating new web-based technologies into the enterprise. He oversaw programs for employee training and process re-engineering for the global, 1000+ person regulated Medical Ultrasound Division. In 2005 Eric was elected into Siemens' Leadership Development program.

After Siemens, from 2007 and 2015, Eric was an enterprise technology consultant for Nordstrom (improvements to online store workflow), Microsoft (new content management systems for MSDN and Windows Mobile), REC Solar Grade Silicon (collaboration and compliance tools), Microsoft Bing and MSN (big data analysis), Microsoft Dynamics (business intelligence), Xbox (subscription management enhancements for 15M user base), the US Forest Service (national content management system for 75,000 people), First American Title Company (mobile application),MS Office (pre-release programs) and Microsoft Azure (reporting for partner splits).

In 2015 after eight years consulting, Eric joined Tableau Software, leading analytics company, as an Elite Support Technical Account Manager for Nissan, Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, State of Ohio and other large organizations. Now part of Salesforce's Healthcare vertical, Eric is a Sr. High Touch Customer Success Manager partnering with the United States' largest healthcare payers (Blue Cross Association, Anthem, HCSC) and providers (Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University) to transform using the Tableau Blueprint and related information technologies.

Outside of work, Eric has maintained projects to keep his skills sharp. Some of Eric's side projects have included Six Hour Startup, a word game, an RFID camera system, Bluetooth beacon system for hospitality, negotiation tools for parents, marketing projects, blogs and now a review system. Eric is currently building capabilities to help people review and design better experiences be it food, events or policy. 

Praise for Eric

I was introduced to Eric through a trusted friend, as I was considering transitioning roles while developing my business opportunities. 

Always prompt, Eric provided great insight into my inquiries. Through a series of personally-tailored exercises and conversations, he helped me realize the factors that were driving my decisions, which helped me narrow and become more focused on and clear about my career direction.  He offered excellent guidance in developing my understanding of my core values, which became central to everything I do. 

Eric asks thought-provoking questions in a friendly yet inquisitive manner. Through engaging phone calls and email interactions, it's easy to realize what an excellent resource he is for exploring and developing ideas. His focus and attention to detail is what I appreciate most, as he truly dedicates his time to bettering those who he works with. Eric is a reliable resource for professional development, and I will most certainly recommend him to others in need of guidance in the future. 

Eric runs the AppsJack meetup, which offers thoughtful and engaging round-table discussions on topics related to business.  Many of his members own their own business, or are in the process of building a business, which makes this meetup a great vehicle through which to gain insight and advice for one's ideas and direction. It is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with fascinating individuals working on interesting and unique projects in the region.  I attend regularly, often leaving with a better sense of direction for my projects.