Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Some Quick Amazon Seller Tips

Gleaned from the Seattle Profit Pirates Meetup on 7/5/18:
  • Amazon Seller Central has an app store now.  This is a good place to look for tools and whatnot for selling on Amazon.
  • Tech
    • Feedback Whiz is a handy tool for boost business, repairing feedback, improving product reviews, and automating high-volume emails.
    • Viral Launch is another tool for selling on Amazon.  It provides stats of how much people in categories are selling and helps with research.
    • Zon pages is another tool for boosting Amazon sales. 
  • Instagram good.  One guy at the group recommended focusing on building up cred on Instagram in particular.
  • Basics of the listing.  Multiple attendees agreed that great pictures are very important for the listing, as are the title and bullet points.  
  • Reviews are important but sales are more important.  Attendees said that reviews help stickiness of the listing but sales are the main driver for searchability. What if we were to try to sell these products for a deep discount (and state how big the discount is) so we can get sales up?