Monday, June 18, 2018

Mindset and Cultural Fit

Mindset and cultural fit are two of the most important issues facing many of us today.  What's mindset?  How an individual thinks and what they believe (their values).  What's cultural fit?  The degree to which the individual and their mindset fit within the culture of the organization.  These two things, in conjunction with each other, are a key lens through which we can look at a variety of situations and scenarios.

Siemens Corporation

Take my position at Siemens Corporation in the early 2000's.  My mindset was creative, ambitious and entrepreneurial in the beginning and by the end my mindset was more contrite and global.  During my six-year period there, I grew and learned much more about global business initiatives and challenges of integrating, say German with Silicon Valley cultures.

The culture at Siemens was global, German, quality- and process-minded.  I, too, became very process-minded and I think was a good fit for the culture.  I was a good boy and became very good at getting things done globally by managing up to higher and higher parts of the organization.


After Siemens, I had a confident mindset and went to Nordstrom, a local company that looked great at the outside.  I came to find out that their culture was cautious and somewhat bureacratic.  They were flexible and worked as a team and this was a shock for me. I wasn't there long.  Wrong mindset by me, I think, and the cultural fit looked good but ultimately was not.  I looked fat in those jeans.


At Tableau, my mindset is contrite and humble. I am appreciative to have my job and like my coworkers.  I work with cool global accounts and am proud of my blessings.  Tableau's culture is very clear and positive although it's not perfect.  It needs work and is going through change.  It is becoming a more global company and needing to flex to play at the enterprise level, where I spend every day.  There's still a fit between me and Tableau because my mindset is flexible and its seem to be as well.

What's your mindset?  What are the cultures of which you're a part and what are they like?  How's the fit?  What can you do about it?  What can be done about it?