Monday, October 23, 2017

AppsJack Capable Communities Podcast Season 1 Completes - Check It Out

We started out with this idea and framework and made it work.  Congrats and thank you to all involved.

It's amazing!  We just finished year one of the AppsJack Podcast: Capable Communities.  How awesome does this feel.  We had this idea a couple of years ago so it's amazing to see it come to frution and be so fun.  

Huge thanks to producer Christian Harris for all of his time and grace, Steve Kubacki for awesome support and content, Ele Munjeli for being so great, Richard Webb and David Slight for their amazing contributions.  We've truly built an amazing community and I am so proud.  

The Season 1 guests are listed below in alphabetical order.  We recorded 30 episodes with 30 guests and published over 16 hours of content, covering each of APQC's 12 areas of business processes.  We ate a lot of breakfasts and brunch, drank a lot of coffee and beer.

Tech Staffing CEO Aftab Farooqi
Leadership Coach Alan Andersen
Lean Agile Fellow Alan Sebring
Smartsheet Developer Andrea Cremese
Developer Andrew Sengul
Executive Andy Scott
Podcast Producer and Real Estate Mogul Christian Harris
Creative Data Genius Dave De Noia
Finance Expert and Restaurateur Dave Niederkrome
Security Expert and All-Around Brain Don Alvarez
The Inspirational and Motivated Ele Munjeli
IT Champ James Murray
Entrepreneur and Sales Professional James Tuff
CEO Joe O'Konek
Startup Attorney and Podcaster Joe Wallin
Patent Attorney Jonathan Olson
Security Expert Josh Barrow
Front-End Developer Josh Bosworth
International Marketing Wiz Kifaya Dawud
Tech Consulting Business Developer Lee Carter
Startup Wonk Leo Lam
Crypto Currency Consultant Mark Mueller-Eberstein
Author and Speaker on Focus and Clarity Michael Cavitt
Author and Conflict Management Specialist Rachel Alexandria
Lean PM and Business Continuity Expert Ralph Kliem
Business Attorney Reuben Ortega
Architect Richard Webb
CEO and Member of the Board Scott Davis
Clinical Psychologist and Very Creative Steve Kubacki

Stay tuned for what will happen in Season 2!