Friday, June 16, 2017

Podcast Recording Summary - June 10th, 2017 - Developing & Managing Human Capital

Last Saturday, June 10th, a group of us gathered to record the Human Capital episodes of Season 1 of the AppsJack podcast.  We were very pleased to be joined by such a large and awesome group.

On the Upcoming Episodes:

Aftab Farooqi

Rachel Alexandria

Lee Carter

Joe OKonek

Steve Kubacki

Andrea Cremese

Eric Veal

Episodes Recorded:

Develop & Manage Human Capital - Taking Risks at Work

The group delves into Risk-taking at work and how individuals can take risks without risking getting fired.

Develop & Manage Human Capital - Managing Through Crisis

The group delves into Dealing with Crisis at work, led by Joe OKonek.

Develop & Manage Human Capital - Organization Health

The group delves into Organization Health, how to think about it and methods of studying and improving it.

Develop & Manage Human Capital - Conflict

The group delves into Conflict at work and covers ways to avoid, cope and manage through conflict, led by expert and author Rachel Alexandria.

AppsJack will release a new episode every Sunday starting in June!  Tune in.