Saturday, May 20, 2017

Episode 7 -Business Skills 5 - Customer Service - Chat 2of3

Show Notes - Episode 7 - Managing Customer Service

Recorded: May 13, 2017
Host: Eric Veal
Guests: Ele Munjeli, Michael Cavitt, Andrew Sengul
Legend: Bold = key point


  • EV: workforce, requests, and complaints
  • MC: Geico experience.  Sales and service tightly coupled.  Goal to resolve quickly with as few calls as possible.  People managed to reduce time on the phone.  Policies created conflicts.  You get what you measure in a lot of ways.
  • EM: Geico very pro-automation.  They have a non-human representative.  "Golden age of phone service".  More companies doing voice-to-text analysis.
  • MC: Hiring problem: no easy way to tell if a person is going to be good in customer service until you hear someone on the phone or see them in front of a customer.  
  • AS: Business and HR likes rote checklists
  • EM: wants more analysis on exceptional customer service.  What does it look like?  Predictive and anticipatory.  Are the best ones teachers?
  • EV: Skill required at many levels and a lot of risk.
  • AS: Human Competence book link.  People get stuck in 'cargo cults' who build a culture around checklists but have no agility, creativity or out-of-the-box thinking. What is the desired result?
  • EM: Humor plays an important role of moving from business-only to personal / deeper relationship.  
  • AS: The "Cute-ify-ing" of authority.
  • EM: Citizenship and extending government services.  Can't force adoption.  
  • EV: The weight of service delivery can be a lot when you are a consultant.  Working as a team way better, reduces the risk.
  • EM: Great delivery comes from empowerment.  Career "pathing" makes a difference.   What paths are available for people that start as customer service?
  • EV: People who start in the field can wind up in powerful positions.  But is this a common path?  Methods: 1) revolving door 2) isolated service org 3) one where people go to other departments.
  • AS: Institutions act primarily to further their own existence.
  • MC: Going from line / delivery into managerial roles is not necessarily good.  Army did specialist ranks.  Managerial routes don't always make sense.
  • EM: Tech support should get into UX at some point.  Need a closed loop.  Tech support part of the design process, instrumental in designing the requirements, for example.  50% of problems are usability problems.  

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