Saturday, May 27, 2017

Episode 7 - Business Skill 5 - Customer Service - Chat 3of3

Show Notes - Episode 7 - Managing Customer Service

Recorded: May 13, 2017
Host: Eric Veal
Guests: Ele Munjeli, Michael Cavitt, Andrew Sengul
Legend: Bold = key point


  • AS: Cargo cults further explained.  Tribes would keep hoping for the planes would keep coming.  Doing non-value adding things and hoping.  Opportunity to find low performers and bring them up (low hanging fruit).  Need to set priorities and focus.
  • EM: What and how are you measuring success and failure.  What is a meaningful failure?  Some people rewarding the wrong things and behaviors (like people fixing bad issues) it encourages more bad behavior in the future.
  • MC: Celebrate the architects or the recovery team?  Information overload can be bad.  Not good to just get all the info.  Know the questions.
  • EM: Designing good metrics is a trick.  Need to avoid bias and ask good questions (need good science).  There's a wrong way to ask questions and gather info.  Witch hunts, for examples, not a great way to gather info or do science.
  • AS: Absurd metric examples.  "How slurred is their voice?"
  • EV: Instrumentation and telemetry a big part of this (more is good) but still need filters and need to roll it up, prioritize, control, etc.  But more data generally a good thing.
  • MC: Text-to-speech analysis is important and good feedback source.  Changes many things.
  • EM: The relationship and rapport allows us to get better data.  Have users participate in the process.
  • EV: Cost of getting feedback reducing through better instrumented products.  Doesn't require customers to actively give feedback but do through use instead.  Build the feedback system right into the product like a vacuum could detect it being kicked or sworn at.
  • EM: Want a closed feedback loop where the feedback you gave was finally told to you that your comment mattered, when and how.  
  • AS: Investment and significance.  
  • EV: Investment happens on both sides: the customer and the provider.  Both need to be invested and quid pro quo may be needed.
  • AS: Speculation and investment.  A financial question.
  • EV: Human capital is next.

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