Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Episode 7 - APQC 5 - Customer Service - Chat 1of3

Show Notes - Episode 7 - Managing Customer Service

Recorded: May 13, 2017
Host: Eric Veal
Guests: Ele Munjeli, Michael Cavitt, Andrew Sengul
Legend: Bold = key point


  • Intros
    • EM: devops engineer, JPL contractor, open source org "devopracy" and virtual democracies
    • MC: advisor and organizational consultant, helping leaders think
    • AS: SW dev, interactive narrative
  • EV: Strategy, management, measurement, is customer service dead and why?
  • AS: has it been killed by a new generation of services?  Venmo scams
  • EM: modern online businesses have much less cost. Reputation if bad can be resolved through re-branding.  Businesses more transportable.
  • MC: yellow page ads scams.  Bad service and scams is nothing new.
  • AS: scalability.  people don't scale and there are many humans potentially required.  
  • EM: expectations have changed.  People prefer automated service.  When is it appropriate to have a servant in a democracy?
  • EV: improved skills at delivering service through tech.  
  • EM: do people prefer or trust an ATM more than a teller?
  • EV: strategies can make customer service "dead" by demoting it and not having it be foremost.  Still examples of very high touch services.
  • EV: what was high-touch back in the day is not high-touch now (things change)
  • EM: two channels of people who prefer high touch and people who do not.
  • MC: "how much engagement you want" (depends on the customer).  DIY people vs. people looking to outsource something.  Pricing and services, product mix differs for each audience.
  • EV: markets and populations have people with both types of service needs (high and low).
  • AS: segmentation based on the significance to the buyer.  Segment based on if people see it as significant or not..
  • EV: don't just think about the human interaction part, consider the delivery and automation part other than just the human part.    Human touches diminishing over time?
  • EM: we may be replacing the "real" human interfaces with new human-like interfaces like voice.
  • EV: need to consider the customer service part from the beginning (common mistake).  
  • MC: need to build customer service experience vision into the corporate vision, mission values and long-term strategy.
  • EV: How do we include customer service during our strategic planning?  Looking at failure modes and the dark side?  Possible complaints, issues.
  • MC: need to consider risk and build a "ratchet" so you can go two steps forward but only one step back, for example (build in quality).  "The Luck Factor".  Write scenarios for the business.
  • EM: repair-driven systems design.  Program around areas where you know you'll have problems.  Build tools as you build products (comprehensive).
  • AS: Picture the failure from the eyes of the customer and design / build /release accordingly?
  • EM: Uber having issues now.  Transparent remediation.  
  • MC: Need things pre-emptively and to consider beforehand so we are more prepared?
  • AS: Humans encouraged to remove themselves from the sphere of customer interaction over time? 
  • EM: how do you build trust in automation? 
  • MC: customers really don't care, they just want their outcome.

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