Friday, January 27, 2017

26 Interesting Things About Modern Product & Service Development

We are prepping for the February Podcast, which will be about Developing & Managing Products and Services.  It's an exciting and fun topics.  Here are some of the highlights from the meetup that we are considering for the Podcast.  Please provide your input and ideas or what you would like us to cover.  What challenges do you have with the topic?  What blind spots are there?  What practices and principles have you used that worked?

  1. Chaos Theory and Non-Linear Dynamics
  2. The Developing and Managing Products and Services area from the APQC PCF (link
  3. Known small effects that have lead to huge changes, issues, problems, catastrophes or events: the butterfly effect, the straw that broke the camel's back and other tipping points. 1 degree shifts.
  4. What are elements, tools and practices of the modern practice of product and service development?
    1. In Software
    2. Physical Products
    3. Services
  5. Which companies are making the best and most innovative products today and how?  Why?  For example, the DJI Mavic Drones, South Park, Air BnB, Uber, who else?
  6. Who is providing the best service today and how?  What are the elements of it?
  7. The importance of decision making and how differences in beliefs or decisions can grossly impact the quality of success on a project.
  8. "Incantations" and parrots.  How many people are simply repeating others and not questioning the cause or underlying assumptions that fed into what they currently see or perceive?  Copy cats might not and should not last. (Developing the deepest and most defensible niche).
  9. The topic of "Everything dies or is dying"
  10. Application and Product Lifecycle Management, Phases of Product Lifecycles (Plan, Define, Realize, Commericalize, Phase Out) and it also includes Supply Chain Managmeent and Customer Relationship Management (And SUpport Processes)
  11. Is PLM the core engine of value and growth within a company (probably)?
  12. Techniques for being able to reasonably work with complexity or complex systems, ideas, concepts, etc.
  13. What are the problems and challenges in working with complex systems?  What are the tools for overcoming their challenges?
  14. Attribution: how it might be hard to determine what really was the original impact, actor, etc. that caused a process to develop into what it is today or what it would / could become.
  15. Why did "non-linear management" get so many eye-rolls when shared with the group?  Isn't that what we're talking about after all?  Too much of a buzzword?
  16. Challenges with "insight alignment" and how we can have and align group insights for optimal performance, value and outcomes.
  17. Entropy and counter-entropy systems.  Organizing around an increasingly chaotic world.
  18. "An organizational immune system" and what it would be.  What are its properties and methods?  
  19. Product intelligence vs. business intelligence.  Is one bottoms up and the other tops down?  Do both matter?
  20. Thresholds and control systems, alerts and alarms for responding to important conditions
  21. The need for "crossing domains" for innovation and creativity.  Yin and Yang as opposing forces that somehow find balance in the middle.  If the world could be seen as these components, what would they be and how would they be managed?
  22. Which metrics matter and how would we identify missing metrics in our model before it was too late?
  23. Divine flaws, fractures, and "seeds of disaster".  Are they really there?  Does this feature really exist in everything?
  24. The need to "go up one level of abstraction" and to use data, models and visualization for managing.
  25. Failing fast and failing slow.  Combating the forces of failure and death in business.
  26. Two separate forces in innovation 1) truly producing something new and out of context 2) integrating that product/service/thing into an existing company, product line, market, etc.  What do we call these practices?
Tune into Episode 4 of the AppsJack Capable Communities Podcast in mid February '17 to hear more about all of these topics.