Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two resources for managing your time more effectively

Lately, I've been struggling in my thinking about time management.  I think with the summer upon me and pulls from friends and family to get out, have fun, etc. it's been a tough finding enough time for some things that do indeed matter.  The question I've been asking myself is:

With the resources and tools I currently possess, and with the notion of "trying to keep it simple" in mind, how do I A) do business development and grow in my career B) be physically active and C) deal with the rest of life?  

I asked a new associate for some help in this area and he recommended Anthony Robbins' Rapid Planning Method (RPM), which is apparently similar to David Allen’s Get Things Done method.  Have you heard of these?  From what he said, Robbins' mindset & methods for succeeding in life and business have been a great source of inspiration for him and he uses RPM as a tool to baseline himself when he finds that he's getting ‘lost in the weeds’, overwhelmed, etc.

What have you found to be useful methods for managing your time, staying motivated and organized?  (I'm not talking about technologies here, per say, more simple tools and methods).