Thursday, April 3, 2014

Intrapreneurs Inspire

Getting to the "top" of  an organization with your idea or product can be a real battle but people who have an aptitude for this are real game game changers.

I had a great conversation last night with my next door neighbor growing up, Allen, and was reminded about the Intrapreneur.  I've blogged in the past about the Entre-ployee (wants something more, is bored, perhaps) and the B2B Service Provider (provides services to businesses).  The term intrapreneur on wikipedia reminded that it was invented by Gifford Pinchot III of the US Forest Service where I worked during 2012 and 2013 in their Enterprise Program.

While in the US Forest Service's Organization Development Enterprise, I connected with Matt in Idaho to help him mature his product and pitch for a national system to recruit for and manage the hiring process for Forest Service personnel.  Matt was a classic intrapreneur.

I helped others form a national Performance Management Group within their CIO organization.

Allen's a true, inspiring intrapreneur:  he's trying to make big and better things happen within his company, Select Sires.  He's already done big, innovative, ground-breaking things, and looking to do more in their industry and  company.  He's been with them for 15 years.

So let me add the intrapreneur to my list of people I want to meet.  They're very inspiring.

Being an intrapreneur is frequently like fighting dragons.  Many people may have tried it before and you'd better be prepared for the battle.  And form a team of supporters around you!