AppsJack Community

For Seattle area business professionals, sales people and B2B entrepreneurs who don't yet possess the network, education or resources needed to achieve their goals and vision, AppsJack is a local and online group that provides events, content, community, education and resources to help members more rapidly and easily achieve their business dreams.

The AppsJack Creative Coalition groups and meetups strengthen starters, increases success, and prepares founders to be stronger with business-related stresses by creating social, thriving interest-based entrepreneur groups nearby.

Benefits for Business Service SUPPLIERS
  • Find new businesses, clients and ideas
  • See what your peers are doing
  • Become more focused and ‘niche’ in your offerings
  • Learn new things and practices
  • Meet complementary practice owners

Benefits for Business Service CONSUMERS/USERS
  • Get schooled on the latest ideas in business process improvement and consulting
  • Meet candidate suppliers and see how they think and work in groups
  • Vet people before you hire them
  • Share your issues and problems for free advice and feedback
  • Have fun, eat, drink and be merry

Benefits for EVERYONE
  • Socialization
  • Community
  • Fun
  • Learn
  • Build a Better Team
  • Business Development
  • Expand your network

Every month on the 4th Tuesday near Seattle, we host an event to help professionals, startups and their ideas grow together.  Check out our page for meetups scheduled near you and contact us if you would like to create your own.

Contact us today at for more information on events near you.