For Business Attorneys in Seattle Focusing on Transactional Law 

AppsJack wants to meet more Seattle-area business attorneys who focus on helping firms with their transactional law needs like contracts MSA, SOWs and legal frameworks.  As a user of these services itself, AppsJack has seen the value in getting its legal and systems house in order and is on a mission to help more organizations with the same.

AppsJack has a lot to offer its clients that extend and complement the attorneys' base services.  AppsJack provides business development services using automated CRM tools and programs  compiled to increase business flow.  Once the basic legal agreements are put in place, AppsJack hardens, matures and automates using proven technologies and methods from its 20 years of experience in business and IT consulting.

AppsJack knows that business attorneys are best at practicing law and find parts of their business as overhead.  AppsJack helps its clients be more focused on top-line earnings, growth and delivery while avoiding frivolous details.  AppsJack consultants step in as Chief Operating Officers, VPs of Operations and Operations & Sales Consultants to advance basic systems.

AppsJack's focus areas and skills relating to business development are:
  • Project management
  • Account management and communications
  • Back-office support
  • Process improvement, tools, technology and automation
  • Data including visualizations
AppsJack helps its clients increase:
  • Sales
  • Focus
  • Customer Satisfaction and Delight
  • Fun and enjoyment from work
  • The value they add
And decrease:
  • Waste
  • Toil
  • Stress
  • Unwanted tasks
  • Confusion 
Benefits of a relationship with AppsJack:
  • Access to professional help in the areas of technology, business consulting, project management and value delivery.
  • Free monthly meetup and podcast to hone skills, learn and expand your network.
  • A better business.

AppsJack staff is a pleasure to work with, professional, enjoyable, intelligent, local and well connected.

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