AppsJack Corporation is owned and operated by Eric Veal of Preston, WA.

AppsJack's Core Values

AppsJack was "ment" to be.  At AppsJack, we follow and are inspired by the "5 E's": 

1. Endearment - Show affection and appreciation for others, their ideas, believes, etc.  Seek to understand.  

2. Empowerment - Listen to people and find ways that make them feel the best and maximally motivated to achieve their desired results.

3. Enablement - What can I do to make a difference?  What does the person need to do themselves?

4. Enactment - Get to work, put things in motion.  Take a chance, take a risk.  Say something, do something.  How did it go?

5. Enjoyment - Enjoy each other and the fruits of hard work, effort, intelligence and impact.